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Insight is important

With university being a popular choice, and more people gaining degrees, you need to ensure you stand out to employers. One of the many benefits of becoming a mentee with STEER is an insight into the built environment industry, meeting and speaking with experts who can advise and guide you in the industry. It looks good on a CV and make it a less stressful change.

By knowing what to expect when you graduate and enter the workplace, it is less of a scary transition and you will already have some contacts, it is always better if you don't feel alone when tackling these milestones.

A quote from one of our mentors, Leah Stuart, a director and civic engineering, seems very apt.

Being part of the STEER mentoring programme has been a great opportunity for me to get to know some brilliant young engineers! Meeting every month for a coffee or lunch (or online during covid-19), I have talked through career options, suggested new contacts, reviewed CV's and discussed personal development. Hopefully my input has increased curiosity and confidence and will stand the mentees in good stead as they move from university to work.

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